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Nails and Hand care

Nails and Hand care, our manicure is a pamper treatment that shows the world how you feel about yourself.  Our hands and nails are the touch to the world. Soft and beautifully maintained hands and nails tell someone a lot about you and your journey through life.

Let us treat you with our manicure process.

Come in and sit and relax and let us pamper you, by starting with a hand soak to loosen the cuticles and soften the nails, pushing the cuticles back and making the nail bed healthy.

Depending on the manicure treatment you choose, be it an express or deluxe manicure with varying degrees, nail shaping and exfoliate of the hand followed by hot towel and massage.

For the finishing touch we use Leighton Denny nail polish, which is professionally applied followed by our nail drying facility with fan and blue light to dry and harden the nail polish for longer-lasting wear.


Natural Nails

Mini Manicure (1/2hr)...$40.00
File, cuticle care or buff, then polish.

Spa Manicure (1hr)...$65.00
Soak & exfoliate, file, cuticle care, buff, hot towels, hand and arm massage then polish.

Nail paint only $20.00


Acrylic Nails

Acrylic, great for strength and length. Our product does not contain MMA.

Full Set of Nails (1hr15min)...$77.00

Full Set French (1hr15min)...$77.00

Backfills (1hr)...$48.00

French Backfill (1hr)...$58.00

Buff & Paint (1/2hr)...$30.00

One Nail (Replace)...$10.00

Nails Off, Includes mini manicure $65.00


Gel Nails

We do gel nails!

The 'gel nail' application provides the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. We use LonGELity from Leighton Denny and CigiSii.

 LonGELity or CigiSii Gel nail polish...$50.00 


Gelish Dipping System

New and exciting ....stronger than a gel, thinner than acrylic!!

natural nails....$50.00

nail extension.....$77.00