At Natural Lines we understand that men require professional beauty treatments to either enhance or support their wellbeing and day to day living.


We offer a selection of Male grooming options 



Deep Tissue Massage Strictly Therapeutic 

Back, Neck, & Shoulder (1/2 hr ) $55.00

Full Body (1hr) $80.00



Good facial skin care is not just the preserve of women.

The Ultimate Intensive Facial (50min) $75.00

Ginseng-  Used for anti aging properties , anti-flammatory action on skin

Allatoin- Healing, smoothih and anti irritant properties 

Retinol- To help soften the fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet around your eyes



Waxing for either enhanced sports performance or hair minimalization and removal.


Full Leg $65.00


Arm(full) $38.00

Upper Body 

Shoulders only $33.00

Full Back includes $45.00

Chest and Stomach $45.00


Eye Brow Shape and Groom $25.00